Copify Press Release Services Review

This site offers press release services that are immediately advertised from the home page, and from the moment I went to this site I could tell it was well organized. The site allows you to access every part, including a page that tells the reader how the service works and how they operate. The best part about this service is how easy they make everything for the customer; all necessary information is clearly displayed, and the services are described in detail.

Copify Key Features

Copify makes it clear that they are a press release service that can truly help their customer, and their main feature is writing and distributing press releases for a wide audience. They offer a wide variety of services that help customers with every aspect of the press release process, and the ordering is simplified so that you can only ask for what you need. They give their customers options for what type of press release services they need, and this includes paying a slightly higher price for a more qualified writer.

Copify Special Offers

Copify offers many special offers which make their services even more affordable, and one of these is giving customers the opportunity to get their first 300 words for free. When you need help with a press release, Copify will write the first 300 words free of charge! This is a deal that many services do not offer, and it is in addition to their low prices.

Copify Customer Support

Copify gives their customers some of the best customer support in the industry, and it begins with the phone line where people can talk to Copify professionals. They understand that you want a service that will make you feel comfortable about your purchase, and that is what the customer service line is for. Customers are encouraged to call whenever they have any issues with their service, and it is one of the reasons that there have been so many positive Copify reviews.

Copify Feedback

Customers are thrilled with the services that Copify offers on a daily basis, and this includes everything from the quality to the prices. From looking at a wide variety of reviews, I am confident that there is no Copify scam. They always fulfill the terms of an order, and customers even report getting more services than they paid for.