EReleases.Com Review

EReleases Overview is a press release service that gives its customers an opportunity to have access to a fantastic and affordable press release service. They offer many packages and services that are appealing to customers, and with an effective layout and format for their website they provide an attractive platform for their services. Their site makes it easy to see which services are offered and the corresponding prices for each one, and this is what customers want to see on their press release site.

EReleases Services and Top Offers

ERelease has three basic packages that make ordering press release services easy and straightforward. The Buzz Builder is their cheapest package that still gives customers a great way to get their press release heard by a mass market. The Newsmaker package includes everything from the Buzz Builder plus you get the features of the Associated Press. This is a huge add on, and this can really help you get the press release out to an even greater audience. The PR Pro service is their best package that gives customers the best that any service has to offer. has a wide network of journalists that you get full access to with this package, and if you can shell out the $500 then this is the package you want to get.

EReleases Customers

One thing that is unquestionable about this service is the reaction from customers. So many people are happy with the services, and this goes for all three of their primary packages. Customer satisfaction is a huge indicator of what you can expect from press release services, so this is certainly a valid reason to consider them for your services. Customers are happy with both the quality and the speedy nature of the service, and when you factor in customer comments about the customer service there is no question about their effectiveness! Reviews Found Online

Professional reviews of have nothing but positive things to say. Their commitment to customer satisfaction when it comes to press release services is noticed by all the reviewers, and this is what you want from press release services. Something that many people noted was that the site is very easy to navigate, and for people that are not familiar with these services this makes them much more likely to enjoy their experience. EReleases has received nothing but positive reviews.