How We Rate

The ratings on this website are determined by the following set of criteria:

Customer Support

One of the most crucial and important aspects of a press release writing service is the quality of its customer support, a service with poor customer support is all but guaranteed to result in a poor experience. The most important factor of customer support is communication, how open their service is with their customers and how easy it is for the customers to contact or communicate with the service when they need to. Methods of communication differ by customer, so the more forms which the service can be reached (E-mail, phone, Facebook, etc.) the better the communication and ultimately the better support. Customers should be able to contact the service at any time, 24/7 customer support is highly touted.

Ease of Navigation

This is a factor which many overlook, but is perhaps the best indicator of how successful and pleased with the press release writing service you will be. A high quality service should be easy to navigate and use, with a simple and easy to use working process. You should be able to place an order or purchase a service relatively easily, with a simple order form of some kind. The ease of use of a website is one of the best indicators of the quality the service offers and their commitment to your satisfaction. Search engines within the site are recommended and touted in our ratings.


This is the overall commitment and quality of the press release writing service that we review, how they treat their customers, how they work, the quality of their expertise and customer service, affordability, etc. We identify and review the content of the website, services with helpful tips or advice pages are touted. We study the message of the service to deduce exactly what they want to accomplish for you and how committed to your success they really are. We also identify the specialties or specific nature of the service so you know exactly what they do and if it pertains to what you need.

This criterion has helped us distinguish the best services from the worst, the truly committed to the lazy and incompetent, and with it you can trust us to continue sound judgments and reviews!