Xpresspress.com Review

Are you planning on a marketing campaign to boost the reach your business has on its target market? Not sure what the best approach would be? Try looking into a press release campaign with a reputable press release company that specializes in press release writing. Xpresspress.com is a press release company that can more than service your press release needs through their experienced staff and extensive media link reach.

Xpresspress.com Overview

With all of the press release services available today, owners of growing businesses need to take strategic approaches to properly execute a well made press release. Te best way to approach the matter is to trust a quality press release company like Xpresspress.com who offers top quality work at an affordable price. Some of the press release services that Xpresspress.com offers include:

  • Press release submission and SEO
  • Press release writing
  • Press release editing

Xpresspress.com Key Features

X Press Press has press release services that will meet your expectations but there are several key features on Xpresspress.com that make them stand out among press release companies. The key features of the press release services offered at Xpresspress include:

  • Xpress Press Writing Service
  • Receive a “pitch-perfect” press release
  • Affordable and convenient packages
  • Personal interview with Xpresspress.com representative to fully customize your press release
  • Press release editing service if you have a press release already written

Xpresspress.com Special Offers

Xpresspress.com does not currently have any special offers, but they are what most would consider a special service in itself due to their extensive experience. Xpresspress.com has been a press release company that offers press release writing services for print and online distribution since 1995, giving them an advantage due to the contacts they have made over the years such as CNN, Yahoo, Google, etc.

Xpresspress.com Customer Support

Xpresspress.com customer support can be reached by telephone, email, and fax. The contact information for Xpresspress.com can be found on the website itself.

Xpresspress.com Customer Feedback

Customers of Xpresspress.com who have written press release writing service reviews about Xpresspress.com had nothing but good things to say about the press release company. Customers say that Xpresspress.com operates extremely professionally, fast, and affordably. Clients of Xpresspress.com  were also pleased to mention that they received maximum media attention from major media channels.